Internet Marketing FAQs

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  • How long of a contract do I have to sign?

    Actually, there are no contracts with us. You can cancel our service at any time.

  • Okay, so how long do you recommend I do SEO?

    It's really up to you. We usually advise a minimum of 6 months. Honestly, most clients see the positive effects and just keep doing it month after month. Most companies are re-allocating their marketing money from traditional methods to Internet Marketing.

  • How many keywords can I choose?

    You can pick as many as you want, however the more you pick the longer it will take to see results. It also depends on your SEO package you pick and the time you have us marketing for you.

  • How long does it take to see results?

    A rebuilt website with proper On-Site SEO can see instant results. Off-site SEO is a slow manual process and takes some time to build equity. Results can be seen in a few months. The longer you keep investing in off-site SEO, the more rooted you become, the better your rankings become. It also depends on how competitive your keyword phrases are.

  • How do I pick my keywords?

    We usually ask what keywords you want to target first. Then we will do keyword research for you and base recommendations off of estimated search volume for your industry while targeting your services and/or products.

  • What are Meta Tags and how are they useful in SEO?

    Meta tags aren't as helpful as what most people think. Back in the day they were, but Google for instance doesn't even use the keyword meta tag anymore. They are still good to have on your pages, but aren't as effective anymore. Unique meta description tags are good to have and page titles are real important.

  • Why is Search Engine Traffic so important?

    Today, the majority of people use the Internet to find what they are looking for. And most of that searching is performed on search engines, primarily Google. That's why it is important to be at the top of Google for your chosen keywords. It is not like a newspaper ad where people are forced to see it whether they want to or not. People are actively looking for your services and/or products. This generates very targeted leads. If you are not listed there, you are missing the sale.

  • Must you really be on the 1st page?

    Yes. Most people will rephrase the search term before clicking onto page 2 of results.

  • Why should choose your company?

    We have been involved with search engines and websites for over 13 years. It's that experience that pays great rewards for you. Our rates are competitive and results speak for themselves.